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Aerospace parts

Aerospace parts:

Enduron is primarily a supplier of parts made of aluminum and
other nonferrous alloys. We make precision bracketry and liquid
tight containers. Examples also include fuel tanks for light aircraft,
and mounting brackets for electronic and other components.

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Tracktor and Locomotive Components

Tractor and Locomotive Components:

We manufacture instrument and control consoles, fan shrouds, ventilation ductwork components, cab components, and hydraulic reservoir tanks.

Railroad Signal Equipment

Railroad Signal Equipment

Enduron also manufactures aluminum signal and communication bungalows, relay cases, signal mast and ladder assemblies, cantilevered traffic signals, associated brackets and other special components.

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Precision Military Parts

Precision Military Parts

Aluminum, non ferrous, and steel alloy are some components Enduron manufactures to precision specifications. Fuel tanks, reservoir tanks, seat assemblies, guard assemblies, brackets, accessory mounts, housings, a wide variety of components and assemblies are also produced at our facilities. Processes available at Enduron include; certified welding, military specification finishing and part marking, and
a wide variety of surface treatment and heat treatments.

Our Success At Enduron, we put our engineering, design, and manufacturing resources at your service. We turn your concepts into functional, finished products.

Our real success, and yours, is in the making!


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